We lost the grandeur and majesty of PRIDE FC many years ago, but if you squint your eyes and stare at your bootleg Russian-broadcast feed long enough, the Japanese promotion Rizin very nearly captures some of the feel of it.

In fact, Rizin 10 was earlier today, and while most of the names on the card would be unrecognizable to the average fan, there were a few most would know.

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Ian McCall – a.k.a. “Uncle Creepy” – was one of the first “little guy” badasses the UFC brought in when they were cranking up the flyweight division. And he even gave current UFC 125-pound king Demetrious Johnson some trouble back then. But his UFC career floundered, so today it was all about taking on Japanese star Kyoji Horiguchi (who also fought and lost to Johnson in the UFC).

Nine seconds, and one punch. That’s all it took for Horiguchi to smash McCall.

Yup, that one was a shocker.

The other name you might recognize is Daron Cruickshank, who competed on TUF 15 and had a fairly decent run in the Octagon before flaming out. Good ol’ Cruickshank wasted his opponent.

Cruickshank still has some more zest left in him, but McCall… it’s hard to say what’s next for the guy who was considered among the best flyweights in the world at one point.

As per MMAJunkie:

“He’s very strong, but again, I feel it was a very early stoppage,” McCall said. ” … I came here to fight. I came here to fight for at least 15 minutes, and I feel like that was taken from me. Obviously, Horiguchi landed a good shot. He punches hard, but I was OK (to continue).”

McCall, fighting back tears, said he’s unsure about the future and that he feels “part of me is broken.” The 33-year-old apologized for letting down the people around him, and he hinted at a possible retirement.

“I have to go home and talk to my family and see if I want to do this anymore,” “Uncle Creepy” said. “I have other opportunities in life, and I’ll be honest: Maybe this sport has passed me by. It’s a lot to think about. And to think it has, it hurts. I never really got to show the world how good I am.”