The problem with fighting on a UFC card in Canada is you sometimes have to fight a Canadian, and since the UFC loves to keep their Canadian market happy, that means you have to punch above your level. Danny Roberts isn’t exactly punching above his level in a match-up against Nordine Taleb, but if there’s any Canadian that’s adept at striking, it Taleb, who’s had to stints on TUF and has a history of standing and banging with expertise.

The bout opens with the duo finding openings and trading. Then Taleb clips Roberts’ face with his foot, and a stunned Roberts falls back against the cage to steady himself. With his hands down and grabbing handfuls of fence, his jaw is completely exposed – and Talebs smokes him with a cross that makes him drop to the canvas. That’s all she wrote.


Results: Nordine Taleb def. Danny Roberts via KO (Punch) at :59, R1