Welcome to CagedInsider’s coverage of UFC on FOX 26, another epic installment of “Punch Face” on national television. The main event has former welterweight champ Robbie Lawler taking on former lightweight champ Rafael dos Anjos, because why not. There’s also a bunch of dudes known for throwing down on the card – like Ricardo Lamas, Mike Perry and others – so hold onto your hats, ’cause the breeze from these swinging fists is apt to knock your cap off.

First up on the prelims: Italian fighter Alession Di Chirico versus Oluwale Bamgbose. Bamgbose has had a rough time of it since coming to the UFC, but as evidenced by his quick KO of Daniel Sarafian a while back, he’s like a poorly made pipe bomb: explosive, and can detonate at any time.

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Bamgbose begins Round 1 by circling, circling, circling like his UFC career depends on him not getting another loss (because, well, it probably does – he’s coming off of two of them). Occasionally he throws a single strike in Di Chirico’s direction, but the fear of unemployment is so thick it hangs over everything Bamgbose does like a blanket. Di Chirico can only chase him around and get frustrated.

That is, until Round 2 comes around, when Di Chirico manages to latch onto Bamgbose and knee him twice in the head. Bamgbose face-plants on the canvas, out cold.


Results: Alessio Di Chirico def. Oluwale Bamgbose via KO (Knee) at 2:14, R2