Chad Laprise won a season of TUF Nations – the one devoted to Canada – so it’s a safe bet that whenever the UFC comes to the great northern nation, his is one of the phone numbers they call first.

Apparently, he picked up the phone this time around, so they paired him up against Galore Bofando, a relatively untested guy whose sole Octagon appearance saw him knock an opponent out with insane explosiveness.

That explosiveness caught Laprise early, and in a heartbeat Bofando was standing over the Canadian raining down fists while Laprise struggled to shake off the cobwebs and regain control. But soon Laprise did, and when Bofando let him up, Laprise wisely clinched, threw him to the canvas, and worked some jiu-jitsu.

Bofando had nothing for the Laprise while mounted, and after a ton of punches delivered from above with no cogent defense, the ref saw enough and jumped in. Another win for Team Canada.


Results: Chad Laprise def. Galore Bofando via TKO (Punches) at 4:10, R2