Okay fight fans, are you still on a buzz from UFC 175?

Great news: UFC Fight Night: Edgar vs. Penn 3 is on tonight from Las Vegas, and Caged Insider will be here for play-by-play coverage and results as they happen.

The main event features two of the sport’s legendary champions squaring off for the third time: former UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar, and the UFC’s only former Lightweight and Welterweight kingpin BJ Penn. It also marks Penn’s first bout at featherweight.

The event is also known as The Ultimate Fighter Season 19 Finale, or The Ultimate Fighter Penn vs. Edgar Finale. The season’s winners, in light heavyweight and middleweight divisions, will be crowned. The event’s undercard includes the debut of most decorated jiu-jitsu player on the UFC roster, Robert Drysdale.

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Preliminary card (UFC Fight Pass)
Light Heavyweights: Robert Drysdale vs. Keith Berish

Both guys are undefeated in MMA and making their UFC debuts. Berish is said to be a grinder-type fighter by Ken Florian on commentary. Drysdale is a black belt world champion in BJJ who is a longtime presence in the Vegas MMA scene as a trainer. He’s the most decorated BJJ guy on the UFC roster — and listed as a -750 favorite.

Round One: Front kick and right hands by Drysdale, quickly enters into a double leg takedown off a fake left hook. Drysdale looks for the back and gets back mount with body triangle. He goes for a choke, then turns it into a neck crank, then back to the rear choke. Berish stands with Drydale on his back — but collapses down. (Injury to the knee?) The tap comes at 2:03.

Robert Drysdale defeats Keith Berish by submission (rear naked choke) at 2:03.

Catchweight (143 lbs): Sarah Moras vs. Alexis Dufresne

UFC debutant Alex Dusfrene is said to be a BJJ standout. She weighed in way over (eight pounds!) to force the catchweight here. Canada’s colorful “Cheesecake” Moras looked good at TUF 18 with a nice grappling game — but is a +180 underdog here.

Round One:
Big right and leg kick from Dusfrene. Moras counters with a big 3-2 combo. Dusfrene leans in for a body lock and gets the takedown. Moras positions Dusfrene in guard, looks for armbar. She stands to pass, hits a few shots. Great action to start. Moras gets her back in closed guard and looks for the armbar. Both gals looking for short punches. Nice up-kick from Moras. Dusfrene with a hard right. 10-10.

Round Two: Dusfrene with a hip throw right into side control after a brief exchange. Moras with elbows to the legs and trying to get half guard. Dusfrene trying to get active but not much action. They’re stood up. Moras with the takedown, about two minutes left now. Moras in Dusfrene’s guard, pressed against the cage. Dusfrene tying Moras up. They’re stood up again. Moras shoots but Dusfrene reverses her, Moras scrambles to top position and lands an elbow. Dusfrene with a sweep off an omoplata grip, but time expires — she was just a step behind this round. 10-9 Moras.

Round Three: Moras comes out swinging, and lands a hook. Dusfrene whips her to the mat with a hip throw and secures side control. Moras gets half guard. Dusfrene with body punches, as she pressuring down. Moras gets full guard but she’s bloodied by Dusfrene’s punches. Moras attacks with a triangle and hits an up-kick as Dusfrene postures up to her feet. Moras almost gets a reversal and tries pushing off the cage, but no dice. Moras scrambles to take back, then armbar & triangle as time expires. 10-9 Dusfrene, I’ve got this a draw but nothing would surprise me.

Sarah Moras defeats Alex Dusfrene by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27).

Preliminary card (Fox Sports 1)

Light Heavyweights: Patrick Walsh vs. Dan Spohn

Two TUF 19 vets. Spohn is a -240 favorite; he’s 6’4″ and enjoys a big reach advantage over 6’0″ Walsh.

Round One: Brief punching exchange — and Walsh gets a double leg takedown. Spohn looking for guillotine. Walsh punching the body and stays out of submission trouble. Walsh punching and pressuring — looks for Kimura in half guard, then straight armlock. Spohn escapes. Walsh with little punches as Spohn pulls his head down. 10-9 Walsh.

Round Two: Left hook by Walsh as he enters into a double leg takedown — and he gets it. Walsh hits little shots in Spohn’s half guard. Spohn reverses and Walsh gets to his feet, with Spohn on his back in back mount. Walsh escapes with a spin — and Spohn hits an uppercut. Walsh gets a takedown, back in Spohn’s half guard. He’s been doing damage from that position all fight, and Spohn appears to be bleeding. 10-9 Walsh.

Round Three: Spohn finally opens up standing, landing punching combo’s plus a knee to the body. They clinch, and a high crotch takedown takes Walsh back into Spohn’s half guard. Walsh with more punches, looking for the back. Spohn fights to his feet. Good elbow by Spohn. Double leg from Walsh drops Spohn again. Not much activity, and they’re stood up again. 1-2 and a high kick from Spohn. Walsh is cut up. Walsh looks for a double leg, and Spohn tries a guillotine. Walsh escapes and looks for strikes as time expires. 10-9, Spohn.

Patrick Walsh defeats Dan Spohn by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Lightweights: Adriano Martins vs. Juan Manuel Puig Carreon

Brazil’s Martins is a -375 favorite. Puig is from Mexico’s growing MMA scene.

Round One: Left straight-right hook combo from southpaw Martins lands solidly. Nice leg kick from Puig, and again as Martins switches stances. Good punching combo’s with a body or leg kick to finish keeping Puig ahead in the exchanges. Big left hand from Martins. Puig answers with an inside leg kick which hits the groin. Fight is stopped to allow recovery. Quick punching exchange and BAM! Big right hook from Martins. Puig is knocked out cold.

Adriano Martins vs. Juan Manuel Puig Carreon by knockout at 2:21 of round one.

Bantamweights: Jumabieke Tuerxun vs. Leandro Issa

Round One: Issa opens up with leg kicks. Both guys trying to establish the jab. Issa’s leg kick hits Tuerxen in the groin and the action is halted. Tuerxen looking for the takedown but no dice. Issa with more leg kicks, which is the difference here as neither lands hand combo’s effectively. Tuerxen gets an inside leg kick. Two minutes left. Tuerxen finally lands the jab cleanly and a 2-1 combo. Both guys winging punches now. Issa with a front kick to the body. Tuerxen rocks Issa with a left hook! Tuerxen gets a takedown as they clinch. 10-9, Tuerxen.

Round Two: Both guys exchange straight punches. Hard leg kick from Issa. Right hand stuns Issa, left hook to the body backs him up more. Nice straight from Issa. They tumble to the mat, and Issa tries to grab the fence to reverse in half guard. He’s deducted a point. Nice right from Tuerxen on the re-start. Leg kick from Issa. Issa with a takedown into Tuerxen’s half guard. Tuerxen scrambles to his feet — just more than a minute left. Both guys winging shots but not landing. Issa with a jab-left hook combo. Tuerxen with a takedown as time expires. 10-8 Tuerxen.

Round Two: Issa with a takedown right into the half guard. Looking for little shots. Issa looks for guillotine. Issa fails to finish but gets mount. Issa attacks with kesa-gatame but Tuerxen slips away and positions him into half guard. Issa passes to mount again. Elbow from mount by Issa. Issa scrambles into an armbar — Tuerxen goes belly down to escape but Issa latches it in under his armpit. Nowhere to go, Tuerxen taps!

Impressive come-from-behind win by Issa. Fight (and performance) of the night so far. (It even made me forget the blatant fence grab — props to referee Mario Yamasaki for making the right call there.)

Leandro Issa defeats Jumabieke Tuerxun by submission (armbar) at 3:49 of round three.

Lightweights: Kevin Lee vs. Jesse Ronson

Young gun Lee is a -235 favorite. Canada’s Ronson is known as “The Body Snatcher” for his strikes to the body. We shall see..

Round One: Striking exchange and Lee shoots in for the takedown. Ronson backs to the cage and is able to escape. Big straight left from Ronson. Straight right from Lee. Leg kick from Ronson, and big body kick. Ronson moves well, barely escaping but staying close enough to counter. Lee lands a jab, Ronson hits a straight. Lee looking for the takedown again, Ronson overhooks and backs to the cage. Lee switches to a double and slams him down, but Ronson scrambles back up. Lee with good punches and elbows in the clinch. Takedown, Lee. Lee working to the back as time expires. 10-9, Lee.

Round Two: Ronson landing his counter straight lefts and body kicks more effectively now. Lee shoots in and Ronson is on his backside at the base of the cage, but escapes right back to his feet. They clinch against the cage. Knee to the body from Lee. They disengage. Good 1-2 from Lee. Halfway through the round, here’s another Lee takedown. Ronson escapes as Lee tries to take the back. Straight left to the body from Ronson. Lee with more 1-2’s, one ends with a knee to the body. Lee looking for another takedown. Lee maybe just a little more active here. 10-9, Lee.

Round Three: Lee lands a glancing hook as both bounce in and out. Lee fails with another takedown. Ronson hanging in there, hits a double leg of his own. Ronson gets Lee’s back and seems to snare the choke, but loses position. Lee rolls on top in side control. Lee transitions to the back. Ronson fights to his feet but Lee has his back. Ronson establishes hand control and spins out. Lee looking for his 1-2’s, pressing forward. Inside leg kick from Ronson. Nice punching exchange as time expires. Close, but I’ll go 10-9, Lee.

Decision comes in a split. Every round was pretty close, but I think the right guy won.

Kevin Lee defeats Jesse Ronson by split decision (29-28 Lee, 29-28 Ronson, 29-28 Lee).

Main Card (Fox Sports 1)

Flyweights: Justin Scoggins vs. Dustin Ortiz

Undefeated “Tank” Scoggins is, at 22, young rising star at flyweight. He’s a -330 favorite over the 25 year old Ortiz, who hails from Duke Roufus’ camp.

Round One: Scoggins initiates a clinch but Ortiz backs him against the cage and gets a takedown. Scoggins using a butterfly guard as Ortiz stands over him — and Scoggins catches him in an armbar! Ortiz looks to stack him up. Scoggins ends up belly down to finish, but Ortiz somehow avoids tapping and spins out to escape. Scoggins leans him against the cage, they disengage, and Scoggins lands a left. Ortiz hits a throw, Scoggins goes for the back, and they scramble back up. Fast, fast action here. They roll back and forth from takedown to sweep and back up again, several times. Scoggins looking for the back. Nice 3-2 combo from Ortiz. 10-9, Scoggins.

Round Two: Leg kicks from Scoggins. Jab and side kick from Scoggins. They tumble to the mat again and Ortiz ends up on top. Scoggins escapes to go for the back, ends in a back crucifix with Ortiz turtled up. Ortiz escapes and secures side control. Ortiz ends up in Scoggins’ half guard, landing punches to head and body. Scoggins back up, with Ortiz using a body look to take him down. More punches to head and body, with Ortiz working out of Scoggins’ closed guard. Scoggins fails with an armbar attempt as time expires. 10-9, Ortiz.

Round Three: Scoggins with a couple of good hand combinations. Ortiz looking for the front kick, moving in and out. Big left from Scoggins. Double leg takedown from Scoggins and Ortiz is down in center of Octagon. Scoggins in Ortiz’s half guard, looking for a kata-gatame. Ortiz escapes to his feet. In clinch, both land knees to the body. Halfway through. Clinch against the cage with Scoggins looking for the takedown and Ortiz hitting little elbows. Scoggins switches to a Thai neck vice, then back to a double leg. Ortiz whips him to the mat, but Scoggins fights to keep position. Ortiz rolls on top with Scoggins against the cage. Punches to the body from Ortiz. Another close round, but I think Ortiz gets it– and the fight. 10-9 Ortiz.

Ortiz able to control the range standing and do enough ground-and-pound to impress me, and the judges:

Dustin Ortiz defeats Justin Scoggins by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).

Heavyweights: Derrick Lewis vs. Guto Inocente

Both are 6’3″, but brawler Lewis has 30 pounds on Inocente at 264 lbs. Inocente is noted for his Muay Thai and reps the Blackzilian camp.

Round One: Goofy-looking kicks from Lewis which miss. Inocente with a glancing front kick to the body. Lewis clinches in and get double-underhooks. Inocente is backed against to the cage, then whipped to the mat, but he scrambles right back up. Lewis missing with wild punches. Lewis with a big right as they clinch up. Big man is looking for some uppercuts but they miss. Inocente hits a heavy leg kick but Lewis drags him to the mat. Lewis misses a jumping right hand. Lewis working in half guard and BAM goes the fists, three unanswered rights to the head. Ref steps in as Inocente is knocked unconscious. Wow!

Inocente is awake moments later, but bloodied badly.

Derrick Lewis defeats Guto Inocente by knockout (punches) of 3:30 of round one.

Middleweights: Eddie Gordon vs. Dhiego Lima

This is for the TUF 19 Middleweight title. 10-1 Lima, 25, won both the performances of the season awards already to net a cool 50k. He trains out of an ATT affiliate with his brother Douglas. He’s a -145 favorite to beat 30 year old Eddie Gordon — who is 7-1, and an ex-football player. Both competed for Team Edgar.

Round One: Lima looking for leg kicks, Gordon taking center cage for overhands. Big right staggers and drops Lima. Lima struggling to recover on hands and knees — but punches and elbows flying from all directions. Some are hitting the back of the head. Still, it continues — and Lima collapses down — and out!

Eddie Gordon defeats Dhiego Lima by KO (punches) at 1:11 of round one.

Expect Lima to drop to welterweight. Dana White congratulates Gordon on his victory and new Harley. Gordon credits his opponent, saying “he’s like a brother to me,” and also credits his teammate Chris Weidman for his introduction to (and development in) the sport.

Light Heavyweights: Corey Anderson vs. Matt Van Buren

This is for the TUF 19 Middleweight title. Van Buren describes himself a “gutter fighter” — he’s 7-2. Anderson has a wrestling background; he’s 5-0 and a -220 favorite. Both fought for Team Edgar.

Round One: Anderson advances with punching combo’s, 1-2, 1-2. Big 3-2 knocks Van Buren back. Big right staggers him again. Van Buren flails around, then flops to his hands and knees. The punches keep pouring in, this time legal — and the stoppage comes at 1:01.

An odd post-fight interview, where Anderson reveals had to sleep on coaching staff’s family’s couches of late; he also notes, “They told me I was a ‘rassler and I was going to hump everybody! But I got a knockout!”

Alrighty then.

Corey Anderson defeats Matt Van Buren by TKO (punches) at 1:01 of round one.

Featherweights: Frankie Edgar vs. B.J. Penn

Round One: Penn very straight posture. Edgar out of a crouch looking for jab and hand combo’s Leg kick by Edgar, who is circling around. Edgar shoots in for the takedown and Penn works out of open guard. Up-kick from Penn as Edgar rises. Edgar with kicks to the legs. Little punches from Edgar as he tries working in the guard. Penn scrambles up, finally. Penn looking slow as he tries to answer with jabs. Edgar lands a left hook. 10-9, Edgar.

Round Two: Edgar bouncing in and out for hand combinations. Nothing injurious but totally out-landing Penn. Penn checks a kick. Penn with slow jabs, following Edgar around the cage. Right hand by Edgar. Double leg takedown by Edgar. Little shots, then he stands. Penn misses an up-kick, Edgar lands a series of leg kicks. Edgar back in Penn’s closed guard. Some power shots from Edgar, turning up the pressure with rights and lefts to Penn’s face. Elbows start raining in. 10-9 Edgar.

Round Three:
Edgar getting loose with punching combo’s, mixes in a middle kick and a leg kick. Penn standing straight up and offering little offense. It’s reminding me of Oscar De La Hoya’s final bout, looking dehydrated against Manny Pacquiao — though this is not as brutal. Not yet anyway. Edgar pushes Penn to the mat. Penn’s eyes look a little swollen and now Edgar is throwing roundhouses in Penn’s butterfly guard. Now the blood is flowing, badly. A minute and a half left. Big elbows come in… and Herb Dean finally stops the bout.

Frankie Edgar defeats BJ Penn by TKO (punches and elbows) at of round three.