He’s been everywhere, and more or less been a star wherever he’s gone. But the Hands of Time have taken their toll on the man with hands of stone, so last night, at UFC Fight Night 142 in Australia, New Zealand striker Mark Hunt danced his swan song.

And really, the only good part was the pre-fight traditional haka his team did for his walkout.

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Hunt had about one round in his gas tank, so for the first round, he danced and circled and threw kicks – which, sadly, was more than opponent Justin Willis did.

But thereafter, Hunt was spent, so Willis was able to throw more, land more, and rack up points for the next ten minutes. It was enough to earn him the decision, although he certainly earned no fans.

This is it for Hunt in the UFC I guess. He’s been so unhappy there, going so far as to file lawsuits against anyone who’s beaten him and failed drug tests. It’s probably for the best. Although I’m guessing we’ll see him in RIZIN some day.