There are remarkable fights, and there are history-making fights. Somehow, in the main event of UFC Fight Night 139 last night, Yair Rodriguez and Chan Sung Jung – a.k.a., “The Korean Zombie” – had both.

First of all, holy crap did these guys battle it out. Since both men are insanely durable and highly-creative strikers, we got five full rounds of Korean Zombie constantly moving forward, bloodying Rodriguez up with punches while Rodriguez hacked at him with kicks threw spinning techniques galore. Neither guy really got too rocked, but damn did they hurt each other.

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In fact, by the end of one round, Zombie’s lip was split and bleeding. Yikes.

These guys were utterly mauling each other, but their personalities are so amiable and chill that by the end of the fight they were high-fiving, hugging, and pausing to let each other catch their respective breath.

Then came the historic ending. Clearly ahead on the cards, Zombie never stopped pursuing his foe, and when the final bell rang he was moving forward, still trying to take Rodriquez’s head off. Rodriguez had other ideas though. Ducking low, he threw his elbow back and up… and knocked Zombie out cold. AT THE FINAL BELL.

Afterwards, Rodriguez collapsed on the canvas, completely spent and hobbled. He actually needed more help to leave the Octagon than Zombie!

It was an epic fight and an epic ending. Sucks that Zombie lost, but man… no one is going to forget this one.