Justin Gaethje will climb into the Octagon yet again this weekend, with UFC Fight Night 135 putting him in the driver’s seat opposite James Vick.

If you’re keeping score, this will be the fourth time the former WSOF champ will make the walk to the hallowed UFC cage, and given his propensity for fighting with reckless abandon and not a single care about the damage he’s sustained – and given the ungodly amount of damage he’s sustained in his recent fights against Eddie Alvarez and Dustin Poirier – you have think the UFC is letting this guy kill himself.

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Consider this: Given the standard human brain’s capacity for absorbing trauma, there is a set amount of punishment any person can take before they become a vegetable. It would seem the UFC is keen on using up all the Justin Gaethje there is in the shortest amount of time.

Sure, Vick isn’t exactly a world-beater. But Vick is a dangerous striker, and right now, taking punches to the noggin’ is about the last thing he needs.

Anyway, here are a trio of preview vids for the fight.