Former champ Fabricio Werdum is the glue that holds the heavyweight division together.

Don’t believe me? Then consider the facts:

  • If not for Werdum’s inexplicable moments of recklessness, we wouldn’t have Stipe Miocic as the current champ.
  • Werdum’s repeated losses to Alistair Overeem keep Overeem viable.
  • Thanks to his high-level jiu-jitsu, we’d still be wondering when Cain Velasquez is sufficiently healed from whatever injuries to defend his belt.
  • He beat Fedor Emelianenko back when no one was beating Fedor Emelienenko.

All of that, plus his commentating work (the dude is hella multilingual) and the boomerangs he occasionally throws at Colby Covington, make him something special.

Next weekend, Werdum will headline UFC Fight Night 127 in London, England, opposite former Bellator champ Alexander Volkov. I guarantee no one across the pond gives a hot damn about Werdum and Volkov, they care only about their local fighters elsewhere on the card. But Werdum’s name is enough to lend some international credence to the affair, and his skills are such that we’ll likely see a decent beating go down.

Here’s our Brazilian homeboy in action.