Sage Northcutt came into the UFC off of “Dana White’s Looking for a Fight” show, and what he lacked in skills and experience, he more than made up for with good looks – the kind of good looks that make girls swoon and guys question their own genetics.

But the young lad has taken some lumps in his Octagon career, a career full of opponents whose sole purpose in life was to be an easy opponent. So here we are, with Northcutt taking on ham-and-egger Thibault Gouti.

Gouti washed out of a season of TUF, then lost three in a row before somehow finding a win in his fourth UFC fight. Duh. He’s not supposed to win this one.

The bout opens with Northcutt working that karate background, exploding into single strikes before jumping back and resetting. But our intrepid hero has been working with Urijah Faber lately, so there’s a takedown there as well, with Northcutt finding his way into side-control. Gouti eats some leather before scrambling up, and when that karate comes around again, Gouti is like, “Non, merci” (note: he’s French), and wobbles Northcutt twice with a well-timed right. There’s a perilous guillotine attempt that sees Gouti practically lift Northcutt off the ground. The round ends with them swinging away.

For some odd reason Gouti decides he wants to shoot for takedowns but do nothing else, so Rounds 2 and 3 have him getting Northcutt down near the fence and simply holding him there. Maybe he just wants to have his arms wrapped around the living cartoon character’s waist for an extended period of time? Anyway, after a long time of this maddening hugging, with Northcutt either working back up to the feet or simply being stuck there (and taking no damage in both scenarios), the referee stands them up. It’s then that Northcutt does some scoring with his karate striking, and when time expires, you have to wonder what the Texas judges valued more – those takedowns that went nowhere, those single strikes, or Northcutt’s good looks.


Results: Sage Northcutt def. Thibault Gouti via Unanimous Decision