Since his time on TUF Brasil, Thiago Santos has been spending his time in the Octagon TKO’ing dudes like nobody’s business.

Often, he brings things to an end with a kick to the liver that makes opponents curl up and die.

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Guess what happened when he took on Anthony Smith at UFC Fight Night 125?

The pain came on early, with the Brazilian throwing kicks from every direction, until Smith forced a takedown and wound up in mount. The advantage didn’t last long thanks to a Santos sweep, and for a while it was all about the ground and pound, and whether or not Smith could avoid taking major damage.

He couldn’t, and when the clock ticked down on the round, Smith was hanging on for dear life.

When Round 2 began Santos pretty much picked up where he’d left off, landing a kick to the body that crumpled Smith, and following up with a storm of punches until the ref jumped in. Yikes.


Results: Thiago Santos def. Anthony Smith via TKO (Kick and Punches) at 1:03, R2