Welcome to CagedInsider’s coverage of UFC Fight Night 125, which took place in Brazil last night and… featured a lot of Brazilians. One of whom was in the main event, and successfully avoided dying! Hooray!

But first, a prelim bout between Iuri Alcantara and Joe Soto.

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Whatever promise Alcantara once showed has long since evaporated, but if you want to compare downward spiral’s, Alcantara’s pales in comparison to Soto’s. Soto was a stud in Bellator, and when he came to the Octagon, he was an extremely late replacement that saved a main event with TJ Dillashaw. We loved him then for that, and loved that he nearly went the distance with the champ. But man, what a gigantic pile of suck he’s become…

The bout begins with Soto in motion, shooting for a takedown while trying to avoid his foe’s striking. Alcantara is having none of that, though, and nails him with a kick to the body, then unloads. Soto falls to the canvas, tries to get the Brazilian down, and simply withers under the onslaught.

Easy money for Alcantara, and an easy win for the home team.


Results: Iuri Alcantara def. Joe Soto via TKO (Strikes) at 1:06, R1