He may fluctuate between super-hot prospect and prospect-suddenly-derailed, but Aljamain Sterling has got skills. And he put those skills on display against Cody Stamann at UFC 228 tonight, nailing an ultra-rare kind of kneebar that left Stamann writhing in pain on the Octagon floor.

It was a kneebar from back-mount, folks, and Sterling is only the second person to ever get in in the UFC. It came after a first round full of both Sterling and Stamann throwing heat while vying for dominance with their respective wrestling chops. “Aljo” kicked it up a notch in the second and started nailing those takedowns, and once that started happening, Stamann’s scrambling game took over – and Sterling began to eat him alive.

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Sterling had mount in no time, and then back-mount, where he very nearly hit a full-Nelson submission. Stamann gutted it out, but when he rose with Sterling riding him like a backpack, he exposed his leg… which was the opening Sterling needed.

When Stamann fell, his knee twisted, and he was tapping immediately.



Result: Aljamain Sterling def. Cody Stamann via Submission (Kneebar) at 3:42, R2