Former pro wrestling star CM Punk will make his (not) long-awaited second trip into the Octagon this weekend, with the UFC 225 providing us with the outlet to view this (not) masterpiece-in-the-making and Mike Jackson playing the role of (not) skilled opponent.

Please allow me to refresh your memory about Punk’s UFC’s debut: it sucked. It sucked hard.

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At UFC 203, Punk had his first-ever MMA bout against a fellow total greenhorn in Mickey Gall, and Punk lasted just about two minutes before tapping out. In terms of skill and ability, Punk showed us that night that he has none. He can’t strike. He can’t grapple. At 74-years old, he’s not even that explosive or athletic. The only thing he does have is a fanbase that’s willing to tune in.

The one thing Punk does have going for him on Saturday night is that Jackson also sucks, and is 0-1 in pro MMA as well.

It’s hard to give a technical breakdown of the fight when neither man has shown any ability whatsoever. I guess they just have to go out there and not suck?

Anyway, here’s ace commentator and analyst giving you some hype for the fight.