In case you missed it, UFC 225 was all about a bunch of some serious beatdowns, most of which were one-sided. But the main event, which saw middleweight champ Robert Whittaker rematch with Yoel Romero, was actually a two-side beatdown.

Meaning, they really clobbered each other.

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Since Romero is old and can’t make weight when he’s supposed to, there was no belt up for grabs. But whatever, these guy fight a close fight last time, and this one was even closer.

No doubt Whittaker breaking his hand in the first round played a role in the closeness.

@robwhittakermma Fought 4 Rounds with a broken thumb for his Family and country.

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So yeah, the champ can take some punishment and still function at a high level. That kind of toughness is definitely a championship quality right there, folks.

Meanwhile, Romero is kind of stuck. He put away former champ Chris Weidman and Luke Rockhold in pretty dramatic fashion, but no matter what, he can’t seem to get past Whittaker. Also, he can’t make weight – did I mention that already?

Anyway, if Romero can’t ever be the champ, then he might as well be “The People’s Champ”, right?