Last night’s UFC 221 main event was supposed to provide some clarity to a muddled middleweight division. Instead, thanks to Yoel Romero, the weight class is worse off.

Things went to hell for the 185-pounders when Georges St-Pierre came out of retirement to defeat middleweight champ Michael Bisping, then disappeared back into the ether. Things got worse when Robert Whittaker, the interim champ-turned-full-fledged-champ fell off to the sidelines with injuries.

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Although you can’t blame him for the division’s problems, you can blame Romero for missing weight for his interim championship bout with Rockhold – a bout that was supposed to provide clarity in these murky waters. But failing to make the 185-pound cutoff meant that even if he won, Romero wouldn’t be eligible for the belt.

And the dude won.

As usual, former champ Rockhold acquitted himself well at UFC 221 last night. Round 1 was all about him avoiding the Cuban Olympic wrestler’s explosive power while chopping away with kicks. Romero made some adjustments in Round 2, eschewing staying in kicking range and instead getting aggressive with his punches, but still Rockhold marked him up.

Then came the third round, and the in-close exchange of punches that had Romero cutting through Rockhold’s defenses with a left hand full of dynamite. The American crumpled, and the following up punch had him snoozing.

Which now leaves us with a big pile of nothing for the middleweight class.

Who should we be rooting for? Bisping got beaten GSP. Both Rockhold and former champ Chris Weidman have fallen to Romero. Romero lost to Whittaker, but Whittaker only resumed training last week… What a mess.

It takes a special fighter to be able to win in the cage and yet despite that win make an entire division resemble a dumpster fire.

And I guess Yoel Romero is that special fighter.