After 15 years in the cage, you’d think former UFC interim champ Carlos Condit would be better at wrestling – after all, it’s how everyone from Georges St-Pierre to Demian Maia beat him. But nope. Wrestling is still his weakness.

At UFC 219, Condit returned from a lengthy layoff to face Neil Magny, a dude who isn’t one of the elite of the welterweight division, but who’s pretty damn good. Magny made it look like Condit didn’t want to be there.

Round 1 opened with Magny catching a Condit kick and throwing him to the floor, and Condit responding with a heelhook attempt of some sort. Magny had no problem countering and taking top position, and much of the rest of the frame saw a lot of clinchwork and a lot of Magny scoring with counters.

The wrestling kicked into overdrive in the second, as Magny began taking Condit down repeatedly – sometimes securing top position and making Condit work to stay out of trouble, sometimes just to say, “Hey bro, I can take you down and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Perhaps realizing he’s the superior striker, Condit turns up the heat with his strikes in Round 3, but Magny is unfazed and emerges unscathed from the flurries, and he punctuates things with another takedown, sealing the deal.


Results: Neil Magny def. Carlos Condit via Unanimous Decision