The next two episodes of UFC 182 Embedded are out, and once more we’re subject to watching UFC 182 co-main eventer Donald Cerrone get ready for his fight on Saturday night by needlessly risking his neck for the sake of some adrenaline. First Cerrone goes up in a plane for some acrobatic flying, then he’s on the racetrack, zooming around like someone who doesn’t really need his health to be good at his day job.

Look, we all know how this thread is going to play out. Cerrone, in preparation for a title shot against whoever at a UFC event in 2015, is going to be driving his “Little Bastard” Porsche in the desert and then BAM! The sport of MMA will have its very own James Dean – the epitome of cool and tragedy and talent taken far too soon.

Watch the videos and marvel at this man’s craziness.