It remains to be seen if Stephen Thompson will catapult off his impressive win last weekend into a title shot, but if that happens, Tyron Woodley isn’t going to be too pleased…

Since Thompson took out Johny Hendricks in highlight reel fashion at UFC Fight Night 82, the MMA world has been buzzing about “Wonderboy”. Thompson has argued that the win proves he’s deserving of a title shot, and it moved him five spots up in the 170 ranks to #3.

The problem is, however, that there’s a couple of other men in line. Carlos Condit had an epic battle with champion Robbie Lawler in January, and some folks had him winning the fight. So, there’s been no shortage of talk about an immediate rematch.

Then, there’s Woodley, who was reportedly awarded a title shot back in October, after Hendricks dropped out of their fight due to weight cutting complications. Naturally, Woodley is concerned about what Thompson’s been saying, and the powerful wrestler recently shot down the latter’s request on his podcast. Here is some of what he had to say (quotes via MMA

“He went out and got his damn name out there Saturday night when he roughed-up Johny,” Woodley said while discussing Thompson. “He didn’t earn a title shot, but he put himself in position. I feel like he should fight one more fight, maybe against Rory MacDonald, maybe Carlos Condit. Another long striker so we can see how he does with a striker who can deal with that. Then he’s ready to roll.”

There you have it. Woodley also opined that he shouldn’t be penalized because Hendricks wasn’t ready to throw down at UFC 192 last October. He noted it’s not his fault that he hasn’t fought since last January when he decisioned Kelvin Gastelum.

Woodley makes some good points–why should he be held back due to the issues of another fighter? Further, if the UFC said he would get a title shot, after Hendricks’ weight cutting disaster, then they should follow through right?

As we’ve repeatedly seen, however, history tells a different story. At the end of the day, if fans are clamouring for Lawler – Condit II or Lawler – Thompson, chances are Woodley’s going to be passed over. Will the UFC move forward with a fight that will generate less money? Because Woodley was told he would challenge for the belt next? Anyone want to bet the abode on that?