I don’t know the specifics about the competitors in the video below, but I do know that one of them has cerebral palsy and the other is developmentally disabled. I also know that the event was Cage Championships 50, which took place on November 8 in Sullivan, M.O.

There’s a lot to get up in arms over when it comes to seeing two fighters with special needs banging it out in the cage – should we roast the promoter for putting this match together? Should we be pissed at the athletic commission for allowing it? Isn’t it our duty as responsible members of society to keep the disabled out of harm’s way? These are all relevant questions, but ultimately what matters is that these two men wanted to get in that cage, and they were permitted to do so as athletes and not as some sort of freak show attraction. I think that’s what matters most here.

Anyway, watch the video and tell me if you think this fight should have been allowed to happen.