Two barely consequential fighters – Claudio Silva and Nordine Taleb – clashed in the Octagon at UFC Fight Night 130 this past weekend. Silva won via submission.

The story should have ended there, but apparently there was some post-fight drama stemming from Taleb’s unhappiness with the result of their fight. Something about… I don’t know. Taleb thought the Brazilian had cheated somehow.

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Anyway, unless you’re Nick Diaz scrapping with Joe Riggs in the emergency room, it’s really unfashionable to start trouble postfight.

Here’s MMAJunkie:

Silva said he was drinking a juice in the lobby of the Radisson Blu hours after the fight when Taleb approached him in an agitated state. He said Taleb immediately began berating him about the outcome of their fight and accused him colluding with the referee to get a submission win.

“He kicked me in the leg as I was sitting on the ground,” Silva said. “He said, ‘(Expletive) you, you’re a (expletive). You robbed me. You didn’t win that fight. You told the referee I was holding your gloves and then you got the choke.’”

Silva said he tried to defuse the situation, but Taleb continued to abuse him and used a homophobic slur. He said Taleb also challenged him by saying, “If someone talked to me like that, I would kill the person.” Taleb was then restrained by his teammates and left shortly afterward.

Taleb better be careful. He’s not Conor McGregor – who could literally get away with murder and not be fired.