Alexa Grasso was scooped up from Invicta FC and thrust into the UFC cauldron because she had talent and skill. She also had a modicum of star power, and as a Mexican – and with the UFC about to stake a claim in the Mexican/Central American market – well, of course she was pushed a little bit.

Tatiana Suarez won TUF 23 and won her first fight in the UFC proper. Will she go the way of most TUF winners and crap out in the cage?

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It takes a little more than 30 seconds for Suarez to shoot and tie Grasso up. Then she throws her down, gets her down again, and starts jiu-jitsu-ing the heck out of her. Grasso does her best to defend, but her grappling is no where near her opponent’s level, and soon Suarez has her back, is sinking the choke, and choking her out.

So much for the Alexa Grasso hype.


Results: Tatiana Suarez def. Alexa Grasso via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:44, R1