Last night’s Tuesday Night Contender Series installment was exceptionally violent.

Like a season of TUF crammed into a less-than-two hour broadcast, we got to see plenty of bloodshed that resulted in the awarding of two UFC contracts.

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Since these shows are all about minor leaguers trying to break into the big show, it’s hard for the matchmakers to put a “name” fighter in the main event that will attract eyeballs. But last night they had Antonina Shevchenko, sister of top strawweight contender Valentina, in the top slot. And boy oh boy did she slaughter he opponent, an over-matched Jaimee Nievera. Nievera ate about a thousand knees and got cut up like a pedophile in a prison shower before referee Herb Dean jumped in.


Then there was a dude name Te Edwards, who needed just 28 seconds to land a one-punch knockout on Austin Tweedy.


Heavyweight Josh Parisian iced Greg Rebello with a spinning backfist, which was pretty cool.

Both Shevchenko and Edwards got UFC contracts for their wins, while Parisian got a slot on an upcoming season of TUF… which sounds like a punishment to me, but whatever.