What’s it called when a person goes from behemoth to normal human, much like the Hulk did when he reverted back to his Dr. Banner form? Whatever that is, jiu-jitsu specialist Gabi Garcia is doing it. BIGTIME. I posted this about her transformation a few weeks ago, but good Lord is she still changing.

Check out this side-by-side comparison of the “monster” Gabi and the “not so monstrous” Gabi, which she posted to Facebook:

gabi 1

Seriously, what the hell?

Obviously, since she’s from Brazil, and Brazilians have proven to be a bit lax when it comes to caring about putting chemical enhancements in their systems, one would assume that there’s some sort of hormonal funny business going on with Ms. Garcia. But really, so what? She’s turning into a completely different human being, and that’s crazy.

gabi 3

Is she working out? Of course.

gabi 4

Is she eating healthy? She has to be.

gabi 5


A few weeks back Cris Cyborg went on one of the forums and advised female competitors to train less and post more pics of their bodies to advance their careers.

Utilizing that method, Gabi Garcia should be fighting in the UFC next month.

gabi 2