Tito Ortiz was interviewed recently by Marcos Villegas of Fight Hub TV, and the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion opened up about a variety of topics, including his injuries — and lashed out at someone he feels is causing injury to the sport.

“Anderson, how could you do that?” Ortiz asked, referencing Anderson Silva’s recent positive PED tests.

Ortiz isn’t buying any excuses about Silva needing performance enhancing drugs to heal from injury.

“I’ve had major surgeries,” Ortiz said. “I’ve had L45S1 [spinal] fused. C6-C7 [vertebrae] fused. C3-4 disk replacement. ACL’s on both knees….  All those guys in the UFC that are getting popped for their drug tests and it’s like what kind of thing are you showing to our youth? So many youth look up to us as role models or inspiration. Can’t be doing things like that. It’s too bad. Kind of sad for the sport at the same time but hopefully they learned and they pay for what they done.”

As for what’s next, perhaps with Bellator MMA where he fought twice in 2014? Ortiz doesn’t sound 100% sure.

“I’m waiting right now, negotiating,” he said. “I’m waiting on a world title fight against Liam McGreary, who just won the world title. I went 2-0 last year — took out their 185 lb champion in (Alexander) Shlemenko, and then fought (Stephan) Bonnar. About three weeks prior to the fight, I got a detached retina; blood vessels broke.”

Ortiz, who would win that bout by decision, said that cancelling that fight wasn’t an option.

“When someone talks about your family, as much as he did, I couldn’t pull out of the fight. I had no choice.”

Ortiz notes he has two fights left on his contract with Bellator.

“I want to finish my career with Bellator, and I want to finish as world champion.”

Full video is here:

Credit to MMA Fighting for originally reporting and transcribing.