Of all the rematches the fans of the sport are clamoring to see, a pairing of Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz would rank down at the bottom as the one people want to see the least. In fact, no one wants to see it.

Everyone wants to see Liddell and Ortiz do nothing but sit on lawn chairs and drink strawberry daiquiris. I mean, after all the years they’ve put into entertaining us – and all the concussions they received – they’ve earned a permanent retirement on a beach in Florida.

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But Ortiz lost to Liddell when Liddell was king of the light-heavyweights, back at UFC 47 and UFC 66, and with his complete manhandling of Chael Sonnen at Bellator 170 earlier this year, the “Huntington Beach Badboy” has it in his head that another paycheck awaits if he dances with the “Iceman” once more, and so here we are…

I want to give the fans the fight they have been waiting for #TitovsChuck3 #Redemption thanks to @primetime360esm with @get_repost Tito Ortiz is officially out of a year long retirement. While on @BitetheMic with @MikeTyson and @Tattootheone Tito was asked if he was going to fight @chuckliddell -Tito replied why doesn’t @OscarDeLaHoya @GoldenBoyBoxing get into #MMA and promote the fight. Oscar should promote it and give the fans what they want Tito Ortiz vs Chuck Liddell 3. @primetime360esm #goldenboymma #moneyfight #megafight #badblood #titovchuck3 #4thefans #Mexico #USA #Brazil #Canada #Japan #UK #Australia #Africa #China #Europe #Germany #Russia #ufc @espn @foxsports @sportscenter @cbssports @sportscenter @sportsillustrated

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Please, God, no more. No more of Liddell suffering a brutal knockout and Ortiz getting pounded out and showing the world his sad face.

Let these men ride off into the sunset and stay there.