On a long enough timeline, you will eventually see a fighter in One Championship (formerly known as One FC) perform anything.

Shooting fireballs from his hands? It will eventually happen.

Levitation? It’s only a matter of time.

Become invisible? Soon, man. Soon.

How about a somersault guard pass that becomes a double groin-stomp? Ha! Done!

In the video below you’ll see Wu Ze take on Wu Hui Qiang in some sort of inconsequential tournament bout. It really doesn’t matter how good one is on the ground compared to the other, or how much one dude gets his ass kicked. Just watch the move executed at the 10:07 mark.

Sadly, we don’t pull those techniques off here in the States at the grassroots level (which is the level that One Championship exists at). Wrestling is too prevalent, so Americans generally have a stronger sense of keeping both feet on the ground in a fight. But thankfully that’s not the case in Asia.