God bless Conor McGregor for shattering the financial ceiling MMA fighters have been knocking up against since forever. Through his hard work, and endless talent in the cage and outside of it, he’s made the world realize he’s something special many times – and he’s managed to rake in some worthwhile dough for his efforts.

He’s a true hero.

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That said, he’s been pedaling his brand of whiskey lately, and apparently it’s hot garbage.

Now, the caveat here is that I’ve never tasted whiskey in my life. But the good folks at Business Insider claim to know whiskey, and when they got a free bottle, they passed it around.

The booze was bad.

Fintech guru Oscar Williams-Grut said: “It smelled like ethanol, and tasted only marginally better. A small initial sip was deceptively OK, but subsequent snifters were like vanilla flavouring trying to cover up rubbing alcohol.”

But the finance desk did not hold back, the brutes. Markets expert Will Martin followed up with this: “It tasted like bad whiskey watered down with cheap vanilla extract.” He added: “I am happy to be quoted on that.”

But none of this washed with BI. News editor and military blogging maestro Alex Lockie said: “I’ve drank a lot of bad whiskies in my day. This was one of them.”

Video producer Leon Siciliano said: “I don’t really like any whiskey and McGregor’s safely fits into that.”

Yeah, I’m not going to try McGregor’s stuff.