UFC Fight Night 132 is coming to us from Singapore this weekend, and at the top of the card is fan-favorite fighter versus a young rising star in the UK circuit in Donald Cerrone and Leon Edwards.

Hooray! Another “Cowboy” fight!

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…If it seems like the running storyline that’s trotted out every time Cerrone fights revolves around him getting old, well, yeah. It is the recurring storyline. BECAUSE IT’S TRUE.

The man we affectionately call Cowboy is getting old, and all that mileage acquired competing among the elites of the WEC and UFC takes an inevitable toll. We saw this when he was felled pretty quickly by Darren Till. We saw this in his fight against Jorge Masvidal. We saw it, and though Cerrone has since bounced back by punching out Yancy Medeiros, it’s impossible to ignore that the youth an opponent may yield will forevermore be an advantage.

Of course Edwards knows all this. In fact, he’s probably counting on Cerrone being too old and weather-beaten to cope with what he brings into the cage.

Does Cerrone have it in him to keep taking on these young bucks forever? No. No one fights forever. The most he – and we – can hope for is that he’s got just enough left to win the fight immediately ahead of him. After that, it’s all about tempting fate, and that can get ugly.