The beauty of social media is that it empowers everyone with a story to tell it. The ugliness of social media is sometimes these people with stories to tell are total whackjobs, but whatever. UFC Fight Night 135 left more than a few differing perspectives in its wake, with lightweight Terminator Justin Gaethje reminding the world that he belongs among the division’s elite, and opponent James Vick demonstrating the best techniques for sleeping in the Octagon.

So many perspectives! Here’s what the main eventers and co-main eventers had to say after their fights!

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As you can see here, the tone of Gaethje is all happy and full of gratitude, because he finally got an easy fight since joining the UFC. Fighting Vick was the easiest paycheck ever – am I right?

Meanwhile, for Vick, it was all about…

Yeah, that’s sounds like a guy who remembers nothing of what happened after the referee said “Go!” Homeboy is going to have nightmares about Gaethje for years.

Obviously, Michael Johnson pulled out the much-needed win, although you can tell by the tone that it was a close one and damn is Johnson grateful.

Andre Fili, on the other hand…

I would say something about Fili being pretty salty, but it was a close fight… He’s earned the right to gripe.