Our favorite adrenaline junkie, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast and unloaded on former gym Jackson/Winklejohn. It was the standard, inflammatory stuff – steroids, favoritism, money, devil-worship, something about Cthulhu – and of course it was newsworthy. Because damn, Jackson/Winklejohn was Cowboy’s home for so long…

Of course, that bit of drama sucked in Diego Sanchez, who has long called that gym home. He took to social media to defend Jackson/Winklejohn. He also dropped some harshness on Cerrone.

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Which has now led to former UFC slugger Leonard Garcia chiming in. He’s on Cowboy’s side, and though Garcia stopped being relevant years ago, he took the opportunity to invite Sanchez to settle things (what is he settling exactly? Cowboy’s honor? I have no idea.) in bare-knuckle boxing.

Don’t usually say much on social media not really my cup of tea! Watching all this gym thing @jacksonwink_mma and @cowboycerrone unfold! It sucked because I saw it build all the way up then fall into this mess. I saw @diegonightmaresanchezufc get on and say things to Cowboy didn’t sit to well! So here’s what I have to say Diego I respect you always have… thought you were a little crazy but, hey we all are a little bit! Let Cowboy and @platinummikeperry handle there business! That’s signed and dated I’m sure they can hash things out without anyone chiming in! If you feel like you have to get involved then I’m sure @worldbkff would give us free reign to get whatever it is off our chests! Cowboy has a brother that will always be around! #nodisrespect #justsaying #retiredbutnotexpired

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Okay. Whatever.

Thankfully, Sanchez ain’t exactly about that life. I mean, it’s inevitable that we’ll someday see him on a Bare-Knuckle FC pay-per-view. But not right now, at least. So Sanchez apologized.

From a comment on that very Instagram post:

diegonightmaresanchezufc Yea I know cowboy got emotional… blast… my mentors on JRE and really blasted my wrestling coach who never did anything to cowboy including coach him ever… didn’t sit well with me!!! Then I got emotional… your right Perry and him will settle it… I know cowboy is like your brother well Chad is mine and so is wink. There is always two ways of looking at it all this drama sucks… I shouldn’t have responded emotional either but your right I am still crazy but at least I am wise enough to publicly say look I took it to far I’ll man up on that right now. I see both sides now and it is mma it’s family and business but what first wink has 40,000 a month in over head at the new building. It’s business ask @danawhite

Man, what a tangled web this has become. And all because of Joe Rogan’s mental powers…