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It’s an amazing confluence of events that goes into making a star. First, there’s the stellar performance in the cage – which, with Darren Till, came when he wrecked superstar Donald Cerrone. Then there’s the promotional opportunity, usually created with a new market for the UFC to break into. Again, with Till, it came when the organization decided they wanted to hold an event in Liverpool, England – and hey, guess what? Till is from Liverpool!

So it is that Till gets to headline UFC Fight Night 130 this weekend, in front of his hometown crowd, and against welterweight contender Stephen Thompson.

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Yup, it’s an amazing confluence of events for Till. Too bad he’s going to get murdered.

Look, Till is a game little scrapper, and in five UFC appearances has done everything right. But taking one of the very elite members of the division – and especially Thompson, who does what Till does only better – that’s a surefire recipe for the Liverpool crowd to witness their local hero get destroyed.

Maybe Till will get a few good licks in. Maybe he’ll even look impressive for a little while. But Thompson is going to karate-kick that accent right out of Till’s mouth, and that’s all there is to it.

Anyway, here’s a little hype reel devoted to Till.