We’ve all been there. While waiting outside the club, having a chill conversation with Benicio Del Toro and inadvertently setting off a car alarm, Sarah Silverman starts mouthing off, shouting obscenities so vile they give everyone pause. And then things escalate and now her boyfriend wants to kick our asses, and the only course of action left to us is to sock Ms. Silverman square in the pie hole. Sucks, right?

Alas, punching a girl in the mouth usually leads to some awkwardness, particularly if her boyfriend is right there with 20 of his buddies to reciprocate.

But what if the shoe were on the other foot? What if you had to defend the honor of your lady against someone desirous of giving her a knuckle-sandwich? What, if anything, would you do?

The video below is an example of what one man did to a street thug when said thug clocked his woman. Watch and learn that whether it’s movies or real life, women can really unleash the profanity.