Time makes even mountains crumble, so of course legendary Russian heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko is but a mere shadow of his former self. Of course.

Still, at today’s EFN 50 event – which had more pageantry than any other MMA show ever courtesy of an orchestra, opera singers, ballerinas on stilts, and a singer in a giant inflatable spider hat – we watched Fedor climb into the cage against Brazilian punching bag Fabiano Maldonado, and nearly get pounded out in the first round. And it sucked watching our hero look like someone who didn’t belong in there.

For almost all of the first round, Maldonado beat the Russian to a pulp, and though Fedor miraculously survived the round, it was clear whatever greatness he’d once possessed was long gone.

Maldonado literally did nothing in the second round, which enable his foe to catch up somewhat on the scorecards, and Round 3 could’ve gone either way.

At best, Fedor should’ve gotten a draw, but since he runs the federation that provides the referees and judges… yeah, he got a majority decision.

Regardless of the shadiness, we watched a legend look all too human today. It was sad.