Stephen Thompson went to England this past weekend and got a raw deal.

He agreed to face Liverpool native Darren Till in Liverpool, and when Till failed to make weight, agreed to keep the match a “go” just so the good citizens of Liverpool could have a hometown hero to root for in UFC Fight Night 130’s main event.

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And then Thompson got screwed by a bad decision after five rounds of not really letting Till do anything to him.

“Wonderboy”, who’s been a top welterweight for a long time now, and even went the distance (and nearly beat) champ Tyron Woodley twice, has been pretty upbeat by the whole affair. But he, like the rest of us, thinks that decision would have been his if the bout was held in any other city in the world.

As per MMAFighting:

When asked by Ariel Helwani on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour, Thompson said he believes if the fight was elsewhere — like Las Vegas — he would have ended up ahead on the scorecards. “Wonderboy” said he believes judges “could do better.”

“I know close fights are very hard in the moment,” Thompson said. “But there seems to be a lot of that happening recently. But I think [I would have won if the fight was not in Liverpool]. I really do. I think so. Darren is definitely a tough guy, man. He’s a very confident person. Definitely built for the fight game. And yeah, I think I would win that fight.”

One possibility, Thompson said, is that the wild, pro-Till crowd could have swayed the judges toward Till during certain exchanges.

“You’ve gotta be professional out there,” Thompson said. “I’d like to think of the judges as being professional and not thinking that and them focusing on the fight and not what the fans are doing. I literally didn’t hear a damn thing out there. I didn’t hear the crowd. People were saying that every time a punch would whiff by you — not even make contact — the crowd was going crazy. I don’t know. That could be a possibility, yeah.”

Well, duh.