Stephen Thompson certainly seems like a nice, sportsmanlike guy, but “Wonderboy” isn’t pulling any punches in his campaign to lock up a title shot.

Thompson pretty much cruised through Johnny Hendricks last weekend at UFC Fight Night 82, and afterwards, the galaxy class striker called for a title shot. Tyron Woodley, however, has already made the case for why he, and not Thompson, should fight the champ Robbie Lawler next.

Woodley was told he’d get a title shot, after Hendricks fell out of UFC 192 last October. In addition, Woodley doesn’t think Thompson’s done enough yet to deserve a title shot.

Well, Thompson recently appeared on MMA Radio, and here is some of what the surging fighter had to say about Woodley (quote via MMA

“You know, my hat’s off to Tyron and it’s disappointing that Hendricks didn’t make weight when they were supposed to fight and he was promised the next title fight,” Thompson said. “But I did fight the former welterweight champion and did beat him in the first round. That’s someone who has never been finished. I think I’m just more of an exciting fighter than Tyron Woodley. I think me and Robbie Lawler would put on a better show. I think more people would be more apt to tune into it as well.”

Now, there’s no question that Woodley is an extremely talented and dangerous welterweight. But chances are, the saying ‘you’re preaching to the choir’ is running through some folk’s minds right now.

Lawler – Woodley has the potential to be a great fight, sure. But when you consider what Thompson brings to the table in terms of his striking arsenal, and that Lawler has never found a stand-up war he didn’t like, that fight could be something special.

Further, rightly or wrongly, fans typically draw on what a fighter has done lately, and not a year or more ago. Woodley hasn’t fought since last January. So, the UFC could very well determine that they want to go with Lawler – Condit II or Lawler – Thompson. Does that suck for Woodley and his fans . Yes it does.