At this point, any fight that doesn’t result in Stefan Struve succumbing to a cardiac incident has to be considered a moral victory. After all, we’ve had fights cancelled at the last minute because doctors took a pre-fight listen to his heart and thought it was going to explode.

So yeah, at UFC Fight Night 134, Struve – who was once considered one of the tougher heavyweights in the UFC – is on the card. And though opponent Marcin Tybura is no world-beater (Tybura lost to Derrick Lewis and Fabricio Werdum in his last two trips to the Octagon), there’s always a chance that Struve’s ticker says “no mas”.

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For someone so tall and lanky, it’s amazing that Struve hasn’t mastered the art of knocking dudes out from the other side of the cage. It’s also amazing that, after all these years in the UFC, Struve still sucks at defending against takedowns. Because that’s what Tybura does – round after round, the Polish fighter just gets the takedown and does a moderate attempt at ground and pound.

For his part, Struve manages to land one decent front kick, which wobbles Tybura briefly. But that’s it, and it goes the distance.

And Struve’s heart doesn’t give out!


Results: Marcin Tybura def. Stefan Struve via Unanimous Decision