She’s gorgeous, has a strong judo pedigree, and is best buds with UFC superstar Ronda Rousey, but Marina Shafir cannot fight worth a damn.

Actually, maybe she can fight. But her chin is made of glass, so it never gets to the point where she can put up a fight – she is literally asleep within a minute.

At last night’s Invicta FC 13, Shafir was tossed a softball in opponent Amber Leibrock, who was making her pro debut. As it was Shafir’s third pro fight (after a 4-0 amateur career), it was expected that the Moldavian would finally get to shine after a 37-second loss via KO nearly a year ago.

Um, nope.

The two ladies came out trading leather, and like a judoka accustomed to looking for lapels to grab to initiate a throw, Shafir stood square and ate punch after punch. When she went down, she fumbled for a heelhook, but Leibrock simply hammered her. The would-be star went limp, and that was all she wrote. The time of this ending: 37 seconds into Round 1.

Like her pal Rousey, Shafir was a submission machine as an amateur. Unfortunately, putting away opponents in less than 60 seconds with armbars and triangles does nothing to polish your striking skills, and now we’ve got a fighter who’s going to wind up with brain damage if she keeps fighting.

Someone please make her stop.