No one knows whether Georges St-Pierre will decided to launch a comeback, but the last man to face him, says the former champ needs to keep fighting as a memory.

Yes, that man is Johny Hendricks, who took on GSP back in 2013 (which seems like a decade ago in the MMA World). St-Pierre emerged with a tightly contested, split decision win, announced he was taking a hiatus, and has yet to say whether he’ll fight again.

Now, that said, recently there’s been no shortage of buzz about a GSP comeback, since he’s been training again. In addition, the UFC has introduced more stringent PED testing and suspensions, which is something the Canadian star said would need to happen, before he let the fists fly once more.

Since their first encounter was so close, and many believed Hendricks won, there’s always been talk that GSP might want that fight back. Well, while speaking to MMA recently, Hendricks had this to say about his old pal (quote via MMA

“Enjoy that you were the best fighter for what? 4-5 years? Enjoy that. Don’t come back just because you had a close decision that you thought you won, but it wasn’t close. The next is going to be worse and that’s the thing, I’d really like him … to move on. Whenever it’s my turn and I know it’s time for me to go, I’m not going to sit here and say, ‘I’m going to train to comeback.’ I know whenever I’m beaten and I’m no longer at the top, it’s time to hang them up.”

Of course, these comments may rile up GSP boosters, as Hendricks is arguing that a rematch would go much worse for the legendary fighter. But at the same time, it’s hard to argue with some of what he’s saying no? Why not stay retired and just bask in the glory of the GSP era? One that saw him go out on a 12 fight winning streak, and with, and here’s the big thing, with a championship belt. How many people can say that?

Then again, maybe it’s because people believe that the 34 year-old can’t hang with the best any longer, that GSP is thinking about fighting? Proving doubters / haters / know-it-alls wrong can be a powerful motivating factor.

Hendricks, meanwhile, needs to worry about the head hunting kicks of Stephen Thompson, as he’ll face him tonight at UFC FN 82.