Well, just when fans didn’t already have enough to talk about, in terms of how Conor McGregor will do against Rafael dos Anjos, talk about the featherweight champ moving to 170 is kicking into high gear.

Now, since McGregor has yet to defeat RDA, arguably the best pressure fighter in MMA, UFC brass isn’t going around telling folks that “Notorious” might move to welterweight. But, since McGregor has been given the green light to move up to 155 and challenge for the belt, why not right? After all, having McGregor throw down with Robbie Lawler at UFC 200 would be huge.

Well, if you thought McGregor’s camp might come out shoot down the idea, clearly his head coach John Kavanagh isn’t the person who’s going to do it. The coach recently penned an article for the Irish publication The 42, and Kavanagh reported this:

Speaking of welterweights, I’ve seen that rumours of Conor fighting Robbie Lawler for the 170lbs belt at UFC 200 on 9 July have been gathering momentum. It’s not something we have discussed specifically but after Conor wins the lightweight belt, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the next fight is for the welterweight belt.

If that’s what Conor wants to do, I’ll absolutely support that move. I think that would be fantastic. We’re already talking about making history in a few weeks, but can you imagine what it will be like if Conor is the champion in three weight classes by the summer?

How’s that for kicking the rumor mill up a level huh? Kavanagh also went on to argue that McGregor could be a “force” at 170, with some strength and conditioning work.

So, yes, feel free to throw your hands up in the air and say this all a wee bit premature. It is.

First off, McGregor will need to get by RDA, and then it remains to be seen if the Irish fighter really wants to go this route. Even if he defeats dos Anjos that doesn’t necessarily mean McGregor will decide jumping to 170 would be wise. If RDA cracks him with some heavy shots or muscles him around a bit, he may decide facing terrors like Lawler isn’t such a great idea.