The talk of pro wrestling superstars like Brock Lesnar and CM Punk coming over MMA (obviously, in Lesnar’s case it would be “returning”) has been a steady hum of background noise lately, due in no small part to a mix of rumor and crossover fantasy fans love to engage in. Well, here’s another log for the pro wrestling/MMA fire: a photo posted to The Rock’s Instagram of him with the folks at American Top Team.

The Rock Instagram

Of course, it is about two million times more likely that Lesnar and CM Punk would step into the cage than it is for the Rock to do so – the Rock has got a very successful film career going, which means there is zero reason for him to take the time out of his schedule and train for a fight. Plus, it wasn’t too long ago that he suffered an injury in a pro wrestling match, so getting into fighting shape would be that much harder. But damn would a match between him and literally anyone in the UFC sell monster pay-per-views.