Legendary two-division UFC champion Randy Couture has stayed busy since his days in the Octagon.

In addition to training a new generation of MMA athletes (including his son Ryan) at his Las Vegas gym, Couture has enjoyed a successful career in entertainment. Gym Rescue, a reality series where Couture and another former UFC Champion, Frank Shamrock, visit and seek to revive failing gyms, debuted last night on Spike TV. Couture has appeared in more than a dozen films — from direct-to-video fare like a 2008 Scorpion King sequel, to major releases like Expendables 3, which premieres on Friday.

But… what’s one thing he hasn’t been doing so much?

Perhaps surprisingly — Randy Couture hasn’t been enjoying many MMA fights.

“I think the market is maybe a little saturated,” Couture told Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour. “It’s hard to track where things are happening, where to find things. Unless one of my guys from the gym is fighting, I honestly don’t get the chance or don’t make a huge effort to tune in.”

Couture, who fought for the last time in 2011, did mention enjoying a few shows in recent years, including events from World Series of Fighting and Bellator.

He describes the current climate, with more fights than many can keep track of, as favoring the aspiring fighter:

“If you can’t get a fair shake somewhere, maybe you need to look at what you’re doing because I think there’s at least three good places you can go.”

Do you agree? Is the current MMA scene “too much of a good thing?”