The disadvantage of getting old is that you get slower and bulkier, with those pounds that melted away with youth suddenly sticking around. The advantage, however, is that those pounds can give you a size advantage over your longtime rivals.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Wanderlei Silva met for a fourth time at Bellator 206, and though a youthful and svelte (and probably juiced to the gills) Silva scored knockouts in their first two fights, Rampage got the knockout when they fought in the UFC for their third. Rampage’s extra elderly pounds helped him get the TKO against the Brazilian last night.

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Silva was doing good at staying mobile in the first round, moving out of the way whenever Jackson set himself to throw bolos. But Jackson did his best to smother him against the fence, where he threw knees and forced Silva to carry his weight.

And then Silva threw all pretenses out the window in the second and just started banging away, and that’s when Rampage caught him.

Bellator 206

Look, it brings a tear of joy to my eye when the old guys of the sport are allowed to earn another paycheck. But please, we don’t need to see these guys fight a fifth time.