High-level jiu-jitsu dude Rafael Lovato Jr. was supposed to face John Salter in the co-main event of tonight’s Bellator 198, but Salter had to bail because the Illinois commission said “nah, kid”. Plus, who the hell is John Salter?

Anyway, UFC vet Gerald Harris stepped in as a late-replacement, so here we are.

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These middleweight waste no time mixing it up, with Lovato Jr. throwing a knee and Harris pushing him down and winding up within his guard. Then things get old school, with Lovato Jr. bringing his legs up and locking on an armbar from the bottom. Harris rolls, but his arm is extended and he taps out.

Geez, was Harris here just to collect a paycheck?


Results: Rafael Lovato Jr. def. Gerald Harris via Submission (Armbar) at 1:11, R1