Former lightweight champ Rafael dos Anjos deserves our respect for all that he’s accomplished in the cage. He deserves our undying love and affection for totally destroying Colby Covington on a media conference call today.

Dos Anjos and Covington are fighting in the co-main event of UFC 225, and Covington got that opportunity by running his mouth and being a complete douche. But it’s not a good persona that Covington has adopted – it’s more annoying than amusing – and when he gets slaughtered in the cage, the payoff will be never having to see him in the spotlight again.

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Here’s a sample of the back-and-forth Dos Anjos and Covington had on the call, courtesy of MMAFighting:

“I grew up in Brazil in the favelas, man. Bullies, trash talking, doesn’t work with me,” dos Anjos said Thursday on a heated UFC 225 media conference call. “But I think Colby, he’s just trying [to be Conor McGregor]. Conor does it well. Conor, he’s a rich man, he makes a lot of money, he’s a businessman, and I can respect that. But Colby, he’s just a worse version of Conor McGregor. He’s trying to be like Conor, but when he loses to me, his career is done. All he has is talk, nothing else.”

“Dude, you don’t believe one word that’s coming out of your mouth, Ralphie,” Covington shot back. “Let’s be honest, you ain’t teaching me sh*t. I’ve been to Brazil more than you’ve been there. You live in America, land of the free and home of the brave.”

“That’s a Conor McGregor joke,” dos Anjos responded. “That’s Conor McGregor’s joke, man. You’ve got to create something new. … You’re so fake, bro. You’re so fake. I’m about to be a legend, man, getting two belts. You’re so fake. You say you’re going to say something to Joe Rogan’s face? You say nothing when you see people face-to-face, man. You’re a fraud. You just look at your phone, man. You just bow your head. You just bow your head down and not even look around, man. You don’t even look around.”

“Yeah, because I’m professional fighter,” Covington replied.

“Nah, you’re nothing,” dos Anjos said. “You’re fake. If you’re trying to be a bad guy, you’ve got to be a bad guy all the time. You’re trying to be a bad guy, man. You’ve got to be a bad guy all the time. Don’t be fake.”

If I had to guess, I’d say that when Covington got off the phone, he ran into his bathroom and cried.