No matter how hard promoters try, the American market just can’t get into kickboxing – and no where is this more evident than with SpikeTV dropping GLORY as programming from their channel.

GLORY has long been considered to be top-level in terms of production and fighter ability, with their event encompassing a ton of fanfare and pomp while competitors from all over the world try to knock each other out with fists and shins. But alas, none of that matters when it comes to securing decent ratings, which is something GLORY never managed to do.

Here’s MMAFighting with some details:

Confirming long-standing rumors, GLORY kickboxing events will no longer air on Spike TV. After a run of more than a dozen events dating back to 2013, Spike will no longer air the top kickboxing organization’s shows. The network confirmed the news with MMA Fighting on Tuesday.

GLORY events first began airing on Spike in November of 2013 with GLORY 12 in Chicago, Illinois. The Viacom-owned station would eventually air thirteen GLORY-specific events as well as Bellator Dynamite 1 in September, which featured a number of GLORY kickboxing bouts.

According to representatives with the network, the decision to no longer air GLORY is not sudden. Talks between GLORY and Spike were ongoing, but no agreement could be reached before the existing arrangement expired. In conjunction with PBC boxing and Bellator MMA, GLORY kickboxing was a component of the network’s ‘Friday Night Lights Out’, a call to viewers to rely on Spike to provide combat sports action at a designated time on Friday evenings.

I’m not ashamed to say that I find kickboxing only a fraction as exciting as I do mixed martial arts. It appears I’m not alone in that opinion.