It was a World Series of Fighting reunion in the PFL main- and co-main events, with former champs Lance Palmer and Andre Harrison pretty much picking up where they left off when the WSOF folded and kicking butt.

For the undefeated Harrison, who faced UFC and Bellator (and just about every other organization out there) vet Nazareno Malegarie, that meant three maddening rounds of sprawling and clipping Argentinean jiu-jitsu black belt with the occasional kick or punch. Look, Harrison is awesome, and comes from the local New York/New Jersey scene I used to cover, but would it kill the guy to find a finish?

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Meanwhile, the main event was all about Palmer completely and totally dominating hapless Jumabieke Tuerxun on the ground. Apparently Tuerxun is Chinese, but the Russian kind, which reminds me of a Mongolian girl I know who looks Chinese but speaks with a Russian accent. Very trippy. Anyway, it took about two and a half rounds for Palmer to finally find the tap out, and it came via a neck crank.

So now Harrison and Siler and Palmer have all earned enough experience points to level up, and they can choose another weapon proficiency plus two more spells. Or something like that.

PFL 4, y’all.

PFL 4 from the Nassau Colosseum in Long Island, NY