Will Brooks crushed it in Bellator, defeating the organization’s best to become champ. Then, when his contract was up, he jumped to the UFC… and got crushed himself.

It was so bad, it was almost as if he was an entirely different fighter, and he left the organization on a three-fight losing streak.

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Now it’s up to the PFL to find this poor guy a win. Enter: Luiz Firmino (a.k.a. “Buscape” for all you old schoolers out there). Firmino, a Brazilian with a jiu-jitsu black belt, fought in PRIDE FC, DREAM and SHOOTO, and more recently in the WSOF. I believe the word is “journeyman”…?

I want to say Brooks comes out for the first round taking chances, but nope, he’s too much in need of a “W”, so it’s all wrestling, all the time. Firmino obliges him, trying to work his jiu-jitsu from the bottom, but no dice.

Round 2 plays out in similar fashion, although Brooks does end up on the bottom here and there. And, when the mood overtakes them, they do throw a modicum of strikes on the feet.

Will Brooks PFL 2
PFL 2 from the Chicago Theatre, June 21 2018

But by the time the clock ticks down in the third round, Brooks has more or less been a human blanket, and Firmino is left with no other option but to get comfortable and dream of happier times.

Results: Will Brooks def. Luiz Firmino via Unanimous Decision