Sean O’Connell had a pretty crappy run in the UFC, going 2-5 before hitting the road.

Brazilian Ronny Markes did marginally better, going 3-2. And now they’re fighting in the PFL!

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Favoring slugging it out above all else, O’Connell comes forward packing heat, and Markes responds by chopping at his thighs with kicks and serving him knuckle-sandwiches to the chops. Then Markes starts initiating takedowns, and suddenly the fight becomes a game of “take O’Connell’s back-watch O’Connell escape and drop leather-then repeat”. Seriously, they spend much of the first round doing this sequence over and over again. Late in the round, Markes cracks O’Connell a good one while they’re on the feet, and O’Connell ends the round wobbly.

Then comes Round 2, and when the two stand in front of each other and start swinging, O’Connell connects with a left to the jaw and Markes goes down. After an eternity of hammerfists, the ref jumps in.

Ronny Markes Sean O'Connell PFL 2
PFL 2 from the Chicago Theatre, June 21 2018

Results: Sean O’Connell def. Ronny Markes via TKO (Hammerfists) at :41, R2