Efrain Escudero won a season of TUF by beating Philippe Nover via wrestle-centric decision. But his status as TUF winner availed him naught when it came to Octagon longevity, so he’s been wandering the desert like a nomad.

Jason High actually had two runs in the UFC, and fought in Strikeforce and WSOF to boot. To say these dudes are salty veterans would be understating things.

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High wastes no time showing off his wrestling superiority, shucking Escudero’s head down and jumping into a guillotine attempt. Escudero scrambles to survive, and for the rest of the first round, he’s either threatening with half-hearted submission attempts from the bottom to force a scramble, or they’re wrestling against the cage and High is controlling him.

Much of the same happens in Round 2, although the duo aren’t reluctant to throw strikes when they’re on the fight.

The final round has Escudero going for the guillotine this time, and when he pulls High down into his guard, and High’s arms move to counter the submission, the referee mistakenly thinks High is tapping out.

Efrain Escudero Jason High PFL 2
PFL 2 from the Chicago Theatre, June 21 2018

It’s a bad, bad call, and when Escudero is awarded the submission win, the Illinios commission is guilty of screwing High over big time. Boo!

Results: Efrain Escudero def. Jason High via Submission (Guillotine Choke) at :35, R3